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Welcome to Amazing Gaits Farm

My name is Valerie and horses are my passion and one of my greatest joys in life.

I'm currently building a new updated Amazing Gaits Website to be published soon.

I've added lots of new horses with videos and stories of each horse.  

I will have a section on Rowdy horses as well as Largo Paso Fino's as well as Standardbreds and Saddlebreds.

Check back soon to see my new website.

I started riding quarter horses. I ran barrels and raced around. It was fun till I rode my first gaited horse. That smooth no bounce ride won my heart. I rode TWH for many years until the day I watched a speed racking class at a horse show. I was so excited watching the speed racking horses that I went home and did my research. 
The more I learned the more my love for this breed grew. 

I traveled all over the country visiting many farms. I got a close up look at many of the greatest speed racking stallions of all time. I made friends and rode a few of these great horses along the way. I bought a stallion and begin to breeding and raising Single foot aka Speed racking horse.

I, invite you to watch the video's of my horses. Watch them slow gait right, and then watch them kick it up a notch or two into the eye watering speed of a Single foot Gait. It's a exhilarating RIDE.

Singlefoot horses are versatile, surefooted, with a smooth gait and range of speed in gait. Watch the high lifting front end action without the use of any special device. I like my horses as natural as God made them.

I want all my friends and horse people to know that I'm doing much better now that I'm single and enjoying life once again.